Donation Tips

Expand Your Circle
Use social media! Post your participation on your Facebook site and tweet about your progress on Twitter.

Follow Up
If you don’t receive a response right away from someone you’ve asked for a donation, don’t fear – follow up! Send a quick reminder to ensure that they received your request or haven’t forgotten.

Methods of Fundraising
The individual inquiries will go a long way towards reaching your goal, but that is not the only method by which you can raise funds. Think about events – garage sales, barbecues, card nights, car washes. Or, set aside a day or two for a well-publicized neighborhood bottle drive. Any of these activities, with planning and good publicity, can quickly drive up your fundraising total.

Set Your Goals High
Going into training camp in the NHL, 30 teams all have their sights set on but one thing – the Stanley Cup. You should set your fundraising goal high in Stars Big Heart Celebrity Challenge, too. Set a goal. If you don’t have a target to shoot for, how can you hit it? Once you’ve set the goal, stay on track and achieve it. There is huge satisfaction in accomplishing an ambitious goal – can you do it?

Your Potential Donors
Make a list of your potential donors: family members, friends, neighbors, hockey teammates, and work colleagues. Go through your emails and include the professionals you deal with – maybe your doctor, dentist, mechanic, dry cleaner. Remember, you are giving donors the opportunity to do their part in supporting American Heart Association.

When to Start
Simply stated– Right After You Register! Get those letters or emails sent out as soon as possible and start your fundraising quest. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your goal and stay positive – you’ll get there